Hello. I’m Kyung-Ho Oh.
A curious mind and a friendly fellow, passionate about graphic design, digital product design especially conversational user experience and interfaces.


  • Steven Bammel
    Dennis (Kyungho Oh) first showed his dedication to the Korea Business Central community by taking the initiative to set up our Daejeon group, and he even organized an offline get-together for those members. More recently, he has worked diligently to broaden the appeal of Korea Business Central to Korean members, including generating of content and discussions, as well as design enhancements. In addition, Dennis has been a big help on offline KBC events.
    Steven Bammel
    Korea Business Central
  • Lara Tosh
    Dennis (Kyungho Oh) is an actively involved adminstrator who supports his staff & colleagues with timely follow-up. He consistently proves himself to be a skilled communicator & a man of his word with a positive, proactive approach towards all situations.
    Lara Tosh
    Editor / Proofreader / Re-writer at Seoul Patent Translation
  • Mark white
    I met Kyungho when I was directing a large event in 2010 (a TEDx event in Korea). He had volunteered to help us build a website and did a great job in several ways. He was always on time, he worked hard to meet our changing design requirements, and he provided useful suggestions to help us achieve a great design result. In addition to his support in this event, it has been a pleasure staying in contact with Kyungho since working with him. I would work with him again if the opportunity arose, and I'd recommend him to others who need someone with his skills.
    Mark white
    Founder of TEDxKAIST
  • Aniket Tarpre (Managing Diector)
    Mr Dennis(kyungho Oh)worked with Derive Interactive Pty Ltd as s trainee graphic and web designer. He worked for 3months on an internal proect. Dennis is hard working and has delivered work on time with quality. I wish him continued success for his future assignment.
    Aniket Tarpre (Managing Diector)
    Derive Interactive


Designer Kyung-ho Oh